Tri-Global Accuracy Study for the GeoExplorer 6000 Series and other devices.

GPS Hardware Solutions:

Being an Authorized Business Partner with Trimble Mapping and GIS allows Tri-Global to provide our customers and clients with the latest in Mapping and GIS Technology. Click the link below to view the latest technology available through Trimble Mapping and GIS. If you are interested in purchasing any of the equipment from the Mapping and GIS line, please contact Tri-Global today to get started.

Trimble Mapping and GIS Product Line

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Tri-Global is your one stop shop for used Trimble GPS equipment. Check out our GPS Equipment page, or stop by our eBay Store for great deals.

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Laser Peripheral Solutions:

Pairing up with Laser Technology Inc. has allowed Tri-Global to provide its customers and clients the latest professional laser technology for offset mapping available. Please browse through LTI's website and contact Tri-Global about purchase information.

Laser Technology, INC.



Mobile Utility Suite by Tri-Global Technologies


Mobile Utility Suite is the result of years of utility industry collaboration. This new software suite incorporates four of Tri-Global's most popular software licenses: UtiliMapper, MobileStaker, BarcodeMapper, and SiteMapper. Each of these software sets lends a little from the industry they were designed for. A relational database is at the core, to allow many to one relationships between a location and its associated assets as is common to a number of different utility market segments. Additionally, it is designed on Pathfinder Tools to support the entire Trimble® Mapping and GIS product line along with post-processing and Virtual Reference Station support. The suite also incorporates a number of unique sensors, including BLUETOOTH® barcode scanners for use with the GeoExplorer® Series, underground locators for locating below surface assets and calculating depth of cover, and lasers for calculating offset positions and other measurements on above ground lines and depth sensors for use in bathymetric applications. The suite was created with ease of data collection in mind. Basic data collection is accomplished with a single button push automatically creating a relationship to the previously collected point as is common to almost all utility networks. Assemblies can be relationally added to these "locations" from customizable lists.

Additionally, several new modules have been added into the toolset: 1) Quick Features, for data collection of non-utility oriented data such as road centerlines, structures, sidewalks, etc… This is also done from a user customizable drop down list. 2) Enhanced Navigation and Design tools have been added to allow users to navigate to locations and design spans based on line deflection and bearing as well as span length and number. 3) Graphing capabilities have been added to allow users to view collected locations on a line graph. Typical items viewed are line depth of cover data or elevation information for sag profiling. 4) Tom-Tom Navigator ™ extension allows users to query a location and then navigate to it with voice guidance in Tom-Tom's popular Navigator software. 5) Inspection module allows inspection of all sorts of assets with a user customizable template. Supported control types are currently: text, number, combo box, date, time, camera, barcode and additional info, with future plans for alias controls and dichotomous keys. Inspection module supports both GPS enabled and simply Geospatial centric inspections of assets by clicking on the map display. A future enhancement, now in production, is our "Data Orbit technology". This option will run on devices in the field and sync data in real-time back to an office based server. This option will be ideal for applications such as automated meter reads, where managers want to see status and results faster than once a day!

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Tri-Global Technologies focuses on finding the right solution for our clients needs.

Tri-Global has over 10 years experience with Trimble® mapping grade GPS receivers and GIS integration. In 2006 we became a Trimble authorized business partner and put that experience to work in customizing Windows Mobile data collection solutions. In that time we have created a number of Industry specific products, such as MobileStaker, UtiliMapper, and SiteMapper...which are listed above. Tri-Global creates Microsoft® Windows® Mobile®, Desktop and Web Based applications of all types and is fluent in the use of the following languages and Environments:


  • SQL CE
  • .Net Compact Framework (C#, C++)
  • Trimble® Pathfinder® Tools SDK
  • ESRI, ArcPad Studio


  • SQL 2000/2005
  • Visual Studio 2003/2005/2008
  • Microsoft .Net
  • Pathfinder Tools and Office
  • ArcGIS Server


  • Java

Platforms and languages are not a limitation as we are always working with the latest technologies.
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Other GIS Solutions

Tri-Global is proud to offer Partner software. Tri-Global's Mobile Utility Suite, mainly MobileStaker was built to seamlessly intergrate with Partner Field Designer. Check out Partner's website for more information onthis solution. Contact Tri-Global for more information.

Partner Software


Tri-Global's Business Partnership with ESRI allows us to bring our customers and clients the suite of GIS products from ESRI. Check out their website for more information on products like ArcPad, and ArcGIS. Contact Tri-Global for purchasing information.

ESRI GIS Software