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High-Precision Virtual Base Network

HPRTK has the largest Uninterrupted network in united states!

HPRTK service area

HPRTK is the largest private virtual base network in North America. Our servers collect satellite data, create a virtual base within 3 miles of your location & send corrections to your receivers. Corrections are repeatable & sub-inch accurate for unparalleled precision.

HPRTK boasts some of the best features in the industry -

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  • Works with the INTRIP client within your current cellular data enabled Hardware.
  • No Base Station to set up.
  • Custom created mount points.
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  • Largest coverage area with continuous expansion.
  • Pull data from multiple base stations via our online portal.
  • Work ANYWHERE within our Network.
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  • Virtual Base Station modeling gets 1 to 2 CM Accuracy.
  • Nearly instant convergence at 1 to 2 seconds.
  • Uninterrupted connectivity.
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