Activating Orbitas

How Do I......

Activate my Orbitas Field license?

Quick Help-

When you launch Orbitas Field from your iOS device, click on the SETTINGS icon in the bottom right hand corner. Select ORBITAS SETTINGS at the bottom. Enter in your assigned credentials making sure they match exactly to what was given to you by your subscription administrator, then click LOGIN. You will want to download the configuration if available by clicking "Download Newest Configuration". Review the Detailed description below for further help.

Detailed Help-

Download and install Orbitas from the app store on your iOS device. Once installed, click on the app to launch. When Orbitas is launched for the first time, there's a few steps to go through to activate and pull down your configuration for field collection. The first message is asking for permission to use Bluetooth. Bluetooth is how Orbitas communicates with the Asteri X-Series receivers. Click OK to allow. If Bluetooth is OFF in your main iOS settings you will get a message to turn on inside of iOS settings. Next Orbitas is asking to use your location while using the app. Click OK. Later on when connecting to the Asteri X-Series receiver you will turn off ILS inside of Orbitas.
You are then brought to the main map screen and should see a blue triangle indicating your position. To activate your Orbitas license click on the Settings icon (Globe and Gear) in the bottom right corner of the main screen Then select ORBITAS SETTINGS. Enter your username and password and click LOGIN. Next click on DOWNLOAD LATEST CONFIGURATION. Click the back button twice to return to the main map screen.
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