Asteri X-Series: BLE vs. MFi

How Do I......

Tell the difference between the Asteri BLE and Asteri MFi series?

Quick Help-

The Asteri MFI (GOLD label) is "Made for iOS" and is compatible with any iOS device version 8 or greater. Meaning you can use the Asteri MFI to connect to Orbitas Field or any 3rd party iOS based data collection software, allowing for high precision collection. If using Tri-Global’s Orbitas Field, please ensure you have the most updated version. The BLE (BLACK label) "Bluetooth Low Energy" is Tri-Global's original high accuracy GNSS receiver. It is only compatible with an iOS device running UtiliPad or Orbitas for data collection. The BLE may also be paired with a Windows tablet or laptop running OS 10 or greater.

Detailed Help-

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