Collecting a Location

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Collect a Location

Quick Help-

Basic Collection I: Collecting a Location Using Orbitas Field to collect your current location.

Detailed Help-

  • To collect a basic Location within Orbitas first open a job and make sure you are connected to your Asteri GNSS receiver, or using ILS (Integrated Location Services)You can refer back to the Connecting to an Asteri help guide.
  • Once you have acquired an accurate position you can begin collecting data. Click on the LOCATION ICON in the bottom icon tray of Orbitas to start collection.
  • You are brought to the collection location form. Here you can see some basic information on the Location. The Name, Lat/Lon, and GNSS status are all visible.
  • Click on the SAVE ICON to save your Location and be brought back to the main map screen.
  • Repeat this process to collect another Location.
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