Connecting to the HPRTK network

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Connect to the HPRTK Network?

Quick Help-

Review this document for help connecting to the HPRTK Real-Time correction network. Although this document is specific to the HPRTK network, the same workflow is used for other RTK networks.

Detailed Help-

Connect to Asteri Device and make sure you are tracking satellites (accuracy in top left) as shown below:
Make sure that your iOS device running Orbitas Field is currently connected to the internet via wi-fi hotpsot or data plan. Connect to and receiving corrections from the HPRTK network requires internet connection. Now click on the SETTINGS icon (the globe and gear) and select REAL-TIME SETTINGS.
Use this workaround to find your mounting point first. - Enter - in the IP address box. Next Click on Mounting Point Box where it says <No Mount Point> and select the point you wish to use. Tri-Global recommends using the RTCM3_Hemisphere for Asteri X3i.
Remove everything in the IP address after .net so that only “” remains. Fill in your username and password that was given to you by your HPRTK provider. Click Enable NTRIP and wait 10 Seconds, The Status should go to Connected!
Back on the main map screen your icon should now be green indicating an RTK correction is being applied. If you are not a subscriber to an HPRTK network you can still apply RTK corrections within Orbitas Field. Simply follow the same steps as listed above using your given credentials and IP address. Consult your RTK representative for available mounting points.
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