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Create a Job

Quick Help-

Managing Orbitas Jobs I: Creating a Job- The Job menu screen is the default home screen for Orbitas Field. When you open the Orbitas app you are brought directly to the Job Menu. Here you can see a list of created jobs, create, edit, and delete jobs.

Detailed Help-

  • To create a new job click on the PLUS PAGE icon in the top right corner.
  • Next click in the text box to bring up your iOS device keypad.
  • Enter your job name as desired. Be mindful of special characters like @&*+/ and extra spaces after your job name as these may interfere with other programs database schemes upon export.
  • Click SAVE once done to be brought back to the Job menu.
  • Make sure to select your job by clicking on it from the list to open.

  • The job name should be displayed in the top center of the map screen.
  • To access the job menu from within the main map screen simply click on the FOLDER icon

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