Using the Naming, Notes, and Photos feature

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Use the Naming, Notes, and Photos of Locations feature

Quick Help-

Collecting Data II: Using the Naming, Notes, and Photos feature. While collecting a location in Orbitas you have the ability to change the naming of the locations, add a note, and take a photo to be associated with your location.

Detailed Help-

Adding a NOTE:
  • Within Orbitas you can add a note to a collected location to help describe the location. It is a text field so you can type whatever you would like.
    However, Tri-Global does advise refraining from special characters like *&%$/\, etc.. as some may not be supported in certain export formats.
  • To add a note, simply collect a location as normal and click within the NOTE field to prompt your iOS keyboard. Type in your note and click ENTER on the keyboard to save and exit the note field. Click SAVE as normal to save the location.
Adding a PHOTO:
  • You can a photo to your collected location by clicking on the PHOTO icon within the location collection form.
  • Before clicking SAVE to save your location, click on the PHOTO icon to bring up your iOS devices camera. If you are prompted to have Orbitas access the camera click OK. Use the camera controls to capture your photo.
Using the NAMING feature:
  • Collect a location as normal but before saving click on the NAMING tag to the right of the top text box. The Naming form opens and you can create Prefix, Suffix, and change the numbering.
  • Make any changes you wish and click SAVE to save your new naming scheme.
  • The current location will be renamed based on your new scheme. Any collected locations thereafter will reflect the new scheme. The naming will continue in this manner until it is changed. To revert back, simply clear anything from the Prefix and Suffix fields and place a 1 in the Number field.
  • *Note* Changing jobs while still within Orbitas will NOT reset the naming scheme. It will continue on from last point collected. To change take steps listed above or completely exit Orbitas and relaunch.
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