Create a "Not on Line" Location

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Collecting a "Not on Line" Location

Quick Help-

Collecting Data V: Collecting a "Not on Line" Location- This is an advanced feature, but is integral to Orbitas operation. Orbitas is Utility asset collection software so every point automatically “parents” to the location that was collected before it. There are instances however, where a user will wish to collect a location that should not be used for Creation of the Line. A good example of this is a “Marker” location which may be offset from the actual centerline of the utility. Keep in mind, if a location is an “"Not On Line"” feature, you will not be able to use it as a parent even if you wanted to!

Detailed Help-

This special Location Type is configuration specific. If your configuration has a “Not on Line” location type, it will be available as a Location Type.

  • Collect a location using the previously discussed methods.
  • Select the "Not on Line" Location type before saving

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