Uploading a Job for export

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Upload a Job for export

Quick Help-

Managing Jobs IV: Uploading a Job for export- When you are finished collecting your job within Orbitas Field it needs to be sent to Orbits RMS for export or further analysis. Click on the ACTIONS icon, then the CLOUD icon to upload the current job.

Detailed Help-

  • Open the job you wish to upload or within your current job click on the ACTIONS icon then select the CLOUD icon. Orbitas will check your credentials and license. If there is an error in your license you receive an error message
  • If the job was successfully uploaded, you will receive a message stating “Job Uploaded”
  • If you would like to upload another job simply click on the JOB icon, select your job to open and repeat the above process.
  • All successfully uploaded jobs will have a green cloud and photo icon next to the job name.
  • Log into your account on Orbitas.xyz to export or view the job for further analysis.
If you are experiencing issues uploading your data please review the Support Note section of the Orbitas Support Wiki.

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