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Determining Asteri model

Differences in the two Asteri models

Orbitas Field is compatible with both the BLE and MFi versions of the Asteri X-Series GNSS receivers. Read below to see the differences in each model, and determine which model you currently have.
The MFi receiver is ”Made for iOS” and is designated by a GOLD label.
The BLE receiver is ‘Bluetooth Low Energy” and is designated by a BLACK label.

Understanding the difference will help in trouble shooting Bluetooth issues, and compatibility with software options.

Aside from the label color the receivers are identical in size, weight, appearance, and function.

  • The MFi or “Made for iOS” edition is compatible with Orbitas Field and 3rd party iOS software using Integrated services.
  • The BLE or ‘Bluetooth Low Energy” edition is compatible with Orbitas Field and UtiliPad. The BLE edition can also be paired to a Windows laptop or tablet

For technical specifications of each receiver check out the Asteri Navigation website.

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