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Using the Parenting Feature

By default Orbitas will “Parent” your current location to the previously collected location. Read below to learn about the methods used to change a parent.

There are two methods of changing your parent location within Orbitas. The first is doing so while in the collection form.

Collect a location as normal, however before saving the location click on the PARENT icon.

Orbitas opens the main map with your previously collected locations.

Use iOS gestures to move around the map and click on the location you wish to be the Parent of your current location.
If there are several locations bunched together, Orbitas will display a list of location names to choose from.
After selecting your Parent you are returned to the location form.

Make any further remarks you need and click the SAVE icon to save your location.

The second method is to use the Location Quick Menu.

While on the map screen, select the location you wish to change the parent on. The Location Quick Menu appears above your location.

Select EDIT to open the location collection form.

Proceed as above by clicking on the PARENT icon.

Choose your Parent and click on the SAVE icon to save your location.

To select NO PARENT use the "offline" location type in your configuration. Contact your subscription administrator if you are unsure about the location types within your configuration. Or you can contact Tri-Global for assistance.

Without using an "offline" location type you can still create a NO PARENT location. Follow one of the above steps. However instead of choosing your new PARENT, simply click the SAVE icon in the top right corner to save the location without a parent.

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