Nothing happens after exporting

Jobs failing to export

It is possible your browser has popups blocked. This support note resolves the issue within Google Chrome. Other browsers will act in a similar way.
Upon exporting a job from Orbitas RMS ( may notice that the export was blocked by your Internet browser. If you click on the notification in the top right of the browser you can then allow popups (download) from Orbitas RMS. You may need to export again. The download will be sent to your designated download folder.
Alternatively, you can manually add popups from Orbitas RMS to the allowed list by going into your Chrome settings. Click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the browser and select SETTINGS. Within the SETTINGS menu select PRIVACY and SECURITY, SITE SETTINGS. Scroll down and select POPUPS and REDIRECTS. Click ADD. Type in Click OK.
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