Photo upload failure

Photos not uploading

Under normal working conditions any photos taken within your Orbitas field job will automatically upload along with the job data. If for some reason the photo or photos do not upload, you will notice a RED camera icon in the job list. The most common cause of this issue is Internet connection issues during the upload process. This causes the photo or photos to be sent into a pending status.
To resolve this issue, simply ensure you have a valid wi-fi or data plan connection to the Internet. It is recommended to use a wi-fi connection as that is generally the fastest. If the photo or photos are still in the pending state you can manually force the upload process by clicking on the RED camera icon for about (2) seconds to bring up a list of photos associated with the job.
Any photo id's listed in Red “Failed”, clicking on them will turn them black and put them back into pending allowing them to upload when you have a good wifi
You may need to exit the job screen and return for the icon to refresh and now show GREEN for uploaded status.
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