Orbitas RMSTM

Ensuring Mapping & GIS field operations have the most accurate and current data sets available. Seamlessly update work orders and push updates as needed.

Orbitas RMS real-time data transfer from office to field.

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Customizable collection

Create unique collection forms, custom icons, line and location types, and more!
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Ready to go mobile

After customizing, assign users and publish to the field in real-time for efficient and accurate data collection.

Orbitas RMS is packed with intuitive and responsive features

Data managers now have the ability to update field collection forms, background data layers, and inspection templates remotely at an enterprise level. This ensures field operations have the most up-to-date data sets and receive modifications to collection and/or inspection templates instantly.
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Custom Templates

Choose what data you want to collect, and how! Create re-usable templates to ensure universal collection.

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Data Collection App

A mobile solution for both iOS and Android users. Seamlessly send data to and from Orbitas RMS.

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Custom Style Sets

Create custom icon sets for use within the Orbitas RMS environment. Choose from our extensive library or create your own.

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NEW Projects within Orbitas RMS. Projects allows full autonomy of all your GIS data work flow.

Orbitas 101

A full suite of tutorial documents, videos, and other support resources.

Asteri MFi series
All-NEW! Asteri Xi Series
A Leading edge in GNSS technology
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Asteri Xi-Series

Precision that is Proven, Dependable, and Repeatable!

Time and time again, the Asteri X3i proves it belongs at the top of the Mapping & GIS class. Highly precise, reliable, and mobile, the X3i is perfect for any project. Asteri X2i & X1i models available.

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Tri-Global Technologies

Since 1999, we have been transforming the way field operations locate, inspect, and collect spatial data. Our innovations are derived from years of field GPS/GNSS inventories, inspection operations, and GIS data maintenance. Based on observations made within our own collection routines and from off-the-shelf hardware and software from some of the industry giants, Tri-Global set forth to change the industry by providing applications and workflows specifically developed with the field technician in mind. We invite you to experience Tri-Global and see why our expertise is valued by so many.

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