The Mission

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To provide an unmatched level of value. We take pride in the solutions that we offer and the services that are provided.  Return customers speak highly of the level of service and expertise we add to the solutions offered.

Our Solution

A mobile mapping solution combining highly accurate GNSS receivers with simple yet powerful data collection software. Highly customizable applications for various field tasks to complete any mapping project.

The Result

Simple to use and highly accurate. Nobody likes bad data, which is why we ensure work flows are easily understood to allow for precise measurements time and time again.

Tri-Global Provides Industry Proven Solutions

Automated Buried Utility Mapping cuts costs of New Mexico Highway Project

“Accurately mapping buried pipelines and other assets early in a highway alignment project is critical to keeping construction on time and on budget...."

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RFID Utility Mapping:
Only as Accurate as Your GPS

"Another nagging problem for VDOT..– the lack of standardized mapping formats within the transportation industry. Fortunately UtiliMapper can output maps in any format..."

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Since 1999, Tri-Global has been transforming the way field operations locate, inspect, and collect spatial data. Our innovations are derived from years of actual field GPS/GNSS inventories, inspection operations, and GIS data maintenance. Based on observations made within our own collection routines and after reviewing off-the-shelf hardware and software from some of the industry giants, we had a simple idea. Tri-Global set forth to change the industry by providing applications and workflows specifically developed with the field technician in mind, allowing our users to capture high accuracy positional data and safely remain focused on tasks at hand. Applications which allowed users to capture high accuracy positional data and safely remain focused on tasks at hand. Take a look at our solutions to see what separates us from everyone else! We are pleased to present our newest line of industry leading mapping solutions, Orbitas and Asteri!
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