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How-to-Guides for Orbitas Field & Orbitas RMS

Orbitas Field

Getting Started:

Activating Orbitas for the first time. This user guide will review the steps needed to activate your Orbitas account.
pdf iconActivating Orbitas on iOS

Pairing the Asteri X-Series receivers:

Review this support note before pairing to ensure you are using the correct method.
pdf iconAsteri MFI vs. Asteri BLE
These guides will assist in pairing the Asteri BLE X-Series and Asteri MFI X-Series to your iOS device for use within Orbitas Field.
pdf iconPairing the Asteri BLE X-Series Receiverpdf iconPairing the Asteri MFI X-Series Receiver

Pairing supported underground locators:

Orbitas Field supports the use of the VivaxMetrotech VLoc Pro 2 and 3 series and the 3M Dynatel Locator. These documents discuss pairing the locator to your iOS device for underground data collection within Orbitas Field.
*Consult your locator manufacturer's website for more information specific to the locator's operation.
pdf iconPairing a 3M Dynatel Locator

Orbitas Rms

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Support Notes, White Papers, & F.A.Q's

support notes

Orbitas Field:

Bluetooth connection

Not able to connect your Asteri X-Series receiver to your iOS device? This support note may be able to help. If you continue to experience issues, please contact Tri-Global.
Troubleshooting the Bluetooth connectionpdf icon

Orbitas RMS:

Enabling Pop-Ups

If you are experiencing issues with exporting data from Orbitas RMS, then you may have pop-ups disabled. Review this support note to troubleshoot the issue.
Enabling Pop-Upspdf icon

White Papers:

A GNSS White Paper~

By: Michael Bellrose

This white paper reviews current technology, Asteri Navigation, collection tests, and more.
A GNSS White Paperpdf icon