Utilize the Asteri X3 series and Orbitas Field for accurate offsets!

April 4, 2022

This is a concept idea to create an offset point that would be the exact location of the “Origin” point in a GIS drawing, without having to collect the building footprint.

Using the Asteri X3i GNSS receiver along with the powerful Orbitas Field data collection software from Tri-Global you can create an accurate offset without needing a survey grade laser. Note the accuracy of your offset will depend on the currently accuracy of the GNSS receiver. For this reason Tri-Global recommends utilizing the X3i series. Review these simple and quick steps to perform an accurate offset.

Here is what you'll need -

  • Asteri Xi-Series receiver
  • Orbitas Field license
  • Measuring wheel or tape
  • Internet access (data plan or wi-fi connection) for coordinate system calculations
  1. Launch Orbitas Field and ensure you are connected to the X3i and it is tracking.
  2. Find a Location on the line (in a straight line from the “origin” point on the drawing) or create a new location.

Ideally this would be in the clear view, where you could get a good “Sub-Inch” RTK point on. It would also be good if it was a physical location already in you or your client’s GIS. This would help tie the new drawings into their existing system.

  1. Store a Second Point ON LINE in a direct line to the building, but far enough away to be in the clear view.
    -Ideally at a close enough elevation to the base of the building that you can use a “0” inclination.
  2. Place a flag in the ground at the second point.
  3. Measure the distance to the building.
    -In this example we will use 34ft
  4. Measure the distance from wall of building to the “origin” feature inside the building
    -In this example we will use 10ft

Click on the ACTIONS button and then the GRID button to access Grid View of the previously collected locations.
Once in Grid View select the RECALCULATE button in the top right corner of Orbitas. This features does require internet but will automatically determine the exact angle of the line you are creating “IN A STATE PLANE ZONE”!

If not already there, physically walk back to the 2nd location ( The flagged location) and collect a 3rd location using the OFFSET button at the bottom of the collection form.

In this example our bearing was calculated as 297.73 (Yours may differ- this value is derived from the calculations Orbitas performed in the previous step)

So in this example we would enter these values into the offset form:

  • 297.73 for the Bearing
  • 44ft for the Distance (our measured distances of 34ft to the building + 10ft to Origin)
  • 0 for the Inclination

Click SAVE on the offset form, then SAVE in the collection form.

The conclusion of this concept is that the resultant point would be the exact location of the “Origin” point in the drawing!
Without having to collect the building footprint!

If you wanted to collect the footprint as a double check, you could.