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Collecting a Location

Collecting a Location

Orbitas Field is a powerful data collection tool. Orbitas Field allows you to collect simple and complex utility data.

To collect a basic Location within Orbitas first open a job and make sure you are connected to your Asteri GNSS receiver or other supported GPS solution.

You can refer back to the Connecting an Asteri guide for help.

Once you have acquired an accurate position you can begin collecting data.

  • Click on the LOCATION icon in the bottom icon tray of Orbitas to start collection.

You are brought to the collection location form. Here you can see some basic information on the Location.

  • Name
  • Note
  • Current LAT/LON value
  • Parent (if applicable)
  • Location Type
  • Line Type
  • Photo (if applicable)
  • Basic GNSS Status

Click on the SAVE icon in the top right corner to save your Location and be brought back to the main map screen.

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