Getting Started

Orbitas Field Overview

This is a general overview layout of the Orbitas Field software. This is meant as a brief look at the Orbitas software and the menus. Read the other help guides for further assistance.

Main Job Screen (Intro Screen)

This is the very first screen you are brought to when launching Orbitas Field. From this screen you are able to view job details included name and status. You have access to the Orbitas Settings, downloading jobs, and renaming jobs. From this screen you can create, delete, or upload a job.

  1. Job Name (highlighted is current job)
  2. Job Status (GREEN= Uploaded, RED= Not yet Uploaded)
  3. Create New Job icon
  4. OPTIONS menu (Download, Edit, Orbitas Settings)

Main Map Screen (Home Screen)

This is the main screen for Orbitas Field. It consists of a Google map background (Map options available in Orbitas Settings), all your menu icons, a current accuracy reading (if connected to GNSS), and your current location (if connected to GNSS or ILS)

  1. Job Name : currently selected job
  2. Current Accuracy (read from a connected Asteri GNSS receiver)
  3. Line Type Selector: choose from line types in your configuration
  4. Current Location / GNSS Quality Indicator: Displays GNSS accuracy and current position
  5. Previously collected Location Pin / Label (name)
  6. Menu Icons
  • 6A- Job Folder: Enter Job screen
  • 6B- Collection Location: Collect a location
  • 6C- Center on GNSS / Pan: Center on your GNSS position or switch to Pan
  • 6D- Actions Menu: Access to Orbitas Field Actions
  • 6E- Orbitas Settings: main settings for Orbitas Field

Actions Menu

The Actions Menu allows you to access several functions within Orbitas Field. From the Actions menu you have the ability to view your data, upload the current job, and create advanced calculations.

  1. Current Location / GNSS Quality Indication
  2. ACTIONS Menu options
  • 2A- Grid View
  • 2B- Illustrator
  • 2C- Upload Job
  • 2D- Measure Tool
  • 2E- Calculations Menu

Orbitas Settings Menu

Access all the setting within Orbitas, connect to your account, change map settings and more!

Features and Functions from the top down....

  1. Integrated Location Services (ILS): Turn on or off ILS function within Orbitas
  2. Tap to Place Feature: Digitize a point on the map
  3. Real-Time Settings: Connect to a Real-Time service
  4. Map Settings: Adjust the Google background map settings
  5. Asteri Connection Status: Toggle to connect/disconnect an Asteri receiver
  6. Units: For use with measurement tool within Orbitas
  7. Antenna Height: Adjust for antenna height of Asteri (best used on a fixed height mount)
  8. Label: Select from a list of labels for collected locations
  9. Station Stream Delay: Adjust the time (in seconds) between each station collection
  10. Orbitas Settings: Log In / Log Out, Download latest available configuration
  11. About Orbitas: Latest Version Info and Terms and Conditions

Location Collection Form

The Location Collection form is a universal form within Orbitas that appears when you collect a location. Configuration aside, this form will always be the default collection form. While collecting a location you have the ability to change the Name, Location Type, Line Type, add a photo, and more!

From the top of the form to the bottom the features are:

  1. SAVE icon - Make sure to Save your location
  2. Location Name: Click on NAMING to adjust the naming conventions
  3. Note: Add a note to your location
  4. Current LAT/LON position
  5. Parent: Click on the Parent icon to change parent location
  6. Location Type: Click the Location Type icon to change Location Type
  7. Line Type: Click the Line Type icon to change Line Type
  8. Photo: Add a photo to your location
  9. Sensor Data: (Automatically filled out by a supported locator)
  10. GNSS Quality values: Horizontal, Vertical, PDOP, HDOP, VDOP

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