Orbitas Field v1.0.15 update

Update for Orbitas Field

Orbitas RMS Version 3, requires an update to Orbitas Field version 1.0.15 to be compatible. Simply update the Field version to be able to update and upload to new Orbitas 3.

Step 1: Ensure Orbitas Field Version is 1.0.15

  • Open Orbitas Field and select the SETTINGS icon

If you do not have version 1.0.15, then please update.

Step 2: Update the Orbitas Field app from the app store.

  • Important!! Do not remove Orbitas. If you remove Orbitas, all jobs will be removed!!!!
  • Close Orbitas Field
  • Visit App Store and search for Orbitas
  • Click “UPDATE” on Orbitas

Step 3: Relaunch Orbitas Field and ensure the update took.

  • Orbitas should now log in and allow you to upload jobs.
  • In the event it does not, DO NOT remove Orbitas. Make sure that it has updated to 1.0.15. As of the morning of 10/3/22, some App Stores have not updated.
    If it still says 1.0.14, please try again later.

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