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Creating a template for Units/Assemblies

Creating a template for Units/Assemblies

This guide will illustrate how to create templates for different units and assemblies within Orbitas Field for quick and efficient staking. Check out the Adding Units and Spans guide for help with adding units and spans to a location.

Creating a template for continued use within Orbitas Field.

  1. Collect a location as normal.
    Either a Partner Unit location type, (configuration based) or other dynamic location type that brings you directly to the adding units screen.
  2. You could also select a previously collected location by selecting it from the map screen and choosing 'Units/Spans"
  3. Enter in your desired units to build your "template"
  4. After you have added all needed units, click on the TEMPLATES icon in the bottom right corner.
  5. Click on the NEW TEMPLATE icon
  6. Name your template and select CREATE CATEGORY, and name your category
    (Once multiple categories are created, you can select a previously created category here instead of creating a new one)
  7. Click the SAVE icon to save your template.

Using templates to add units to collected locations.

  1. Collect a location as normal, and add Units and Spans as normal.
  2. Before adding a unit, select the TEMPLATES icon.
  3. Select your template of choice from the list to apply the templated units to that current location.
  4. Click BACK to return to the main map screen.
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