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Job Map

Job Map

This new feature allows you to view the selected Job overlaid on a Google map background within the Orbitas RMS software!

Orbitas Field Job Map

Simply click on the JOB TITLE within Orbitas RMS to have the job overlaid on a Google map.

Within this map you are able to see the full job. The collected data is broken down into two categories, LOCATIONS and LINES.

Each category is further broken down into the individual feature types within each category.
(Location Types / Line Types)

Drill down on a selection to view the associated features.

Select a feature to display the associated details.

If a LINE feature is selected, you will be able to see the "flow" path of that line.

If a LOCATION feature is selected, you will see a "bouncing" animation of that location on the map display.

You are able to EDIT certain aspects of the selected feature. Look for the EDIT icon next to a feature field.

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