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Dispatching a Configuration

Dispatching a Configuration

Configurations are a powerful tool within Orbitas. Configurations allow for customized data collection.

Dispatching a Configuration to a User

Click on CONFIGURATIONS in the left hand menu.

A list of available configurations is shown. Each configuration has a status of either Active or Inactive. If you want to use a configuration you must first make sure it is Active.

If Inactive, click on the checkbox next to the configuration and choose ACTIVATE from the ACTIONS menu.

To dispatch a configuration, select the checkbox and choose DISPATCH from the ACTIONS menu.
Select your users and click DISPATCH.

The configuration will be available to the users on their next login.

If a selected User already has a configuration assigned to them you will need to REVOKE the previous configuration before assigning a new one.

Simply click REVOKE on a selected User to clear that users current configuration.
*This will only effect the User once they download the new configuration within Orbitas Field on their iOS device.

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