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Changing Line Type

Changing the Line Type:

Another powerful feature of Orbitas is the ability to collect locations on multiple lines within the same job. An example of this would be collecting several locations on a Water line, then while in the same job switching to an Electric line and continuing to collect locations. This ability allows multiple lines of collected locations that may or may not be related to each other.

You can change the Line Type from the Line Types menu on the main map screen.

  • Click on the LINE TYPES icon in the top right corner of the Orbitas
  • Select your desired Line Type and be brought back to the main map screen. You should notice your Line Type is now selected. This Line Type is now considered the “default” line type for the current job.
  • Continue collecting locations as normal. Your Line Type for each collected location will represent the selected default line. Different Line types are represented on the map with different color lines connecting the locations on that line.
  • *NOTE* You can change the Line Type from the collection menu while collecting a location. However, using this method will change the Line Type for that location ONLY. The next location you collect will revert back to default line type. Locations with different Line types will not parent by default.

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