Orbitas RMS Basics

Job Status

Job Status

Orbitas Field jobs that have been uploaded to Orbitas RMS are given a "STATUS". The status that each file is given will determine what can be done with that file.

Each STATUS is defined as the following...

  • AVAILABLE: A newly uploaded job file that is ready for export or to be dispatched to the original or another user. Only the original user (uploader)
  • ACTIVE: A job file that is currently dispatched to a specific user. This file can only be overwritten by the same user.
  • LOCKED: A job file that has been dispatched to a specific user, then revoked from that user. This file remains locked so it can not be overwritten. To unlock this job it must be dispatched again either to the same user or a new user.
  • PROCESSING: This is rare state that a job file can be in. This file is currently being processed by Orbitas RMS. If a file is in the PROCESSING state for longer than 30 minutes, please consult Tri-Global.
  • ARCHIVED: This is a special status given to any job file that was uploaded to Orbitas RMS and has been ARCHIVED by the original user or the Subscription Admin. This job file will be found in the Archived folder under the Jobs tab. Once restored the file is given a LOCKED status. Dispatch the job file to a user to unlock.
  • LEGACY ARCHIVED: This job file status is similar to the Archived status except that this job originally came from the DataOrbit server and has been transferred to Orbitas RMS.

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